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One day you’ll want to be a know-it-all so learn as much of it now

I think the whole “too cool for school” thing dates way further back than when shows like “Saved by the Bell: The New Class” tried to debunk its allure in my school days. There have been plenty of anti-dropping out public service announcements strategically scheduled among Saturday morning cartoon blocks, and the message of staying […]

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Changes equal improvements for 2015 Railroad Festival

Most people don’t like change. Even when it’s a good thing or you know that it’s necessary, it’s still hard to adjust to something new, but I have to say I’m impressed with how the 2015 Railroad Festival went. For months now, I have been hearing concerns about how the festival would go since it […]

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Eleven more mysteries I have yet to understand

1 I have been wondering for years why the picture on the front of a food package looks wonderful and when you buy it, open it up and cook it, it looks nothing like the original photo. That also applies to restaurant food. The hamburger may show lettuce and tomato, but when you buy it, […]

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Revertigo; it’s a thing, and this is the weekend to embrace it

There are a few time capsules buried beneath parts of Amory, and there are a lot of two-story antebellum homes towering over parts of Aberdeen. Locked up inside of both is a way society used to live. Plenty has changed in style and technology from 1987 to 2012, which will be revealed decades from now […]

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Veterans groups concerned with restrictive new VA regulations

For the Monroe Journal March 24 marked a significant day for injured and ill veterans, their families and survivors across the country. From that point forward, any veteran wishing to file a disability claim or appeal with the Department of Veterans Affairs must do so on a standardized form. Until now, veterans could use any […]

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Juvenile crime starts at home so that’s where the attention should be focused

In repeat appearances before the Aberdeen Board of Aldermen during the past month, Aberdeen Police Chief Henry Randle has made a plea for stiffer policies to combat juvenile crime. One of Randle’s suggestions is increased fines for the parents of juveniles violating curfew. He was quoted as saying he needs a means of getting the […]

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If you’re big starbound, let me warn you it’s a long, hard ride

Some people can’t carry a tune, so we just stick with singing along to the radio in private. Some people still can’t suppress the urge to channel their creativity, so we pour out our thoughts onto paper instead. Some people want to have a household name, and some people want to change the world, but […]

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Legislative Update: March 28, 2015

By District 20 Rep. Chris Brown We passed a variety of bills this week in advance of the approaching final deadlines of the 2015 legislative session. Most of the bills were before the House for concurrence or non-concurrence. If the House voted to concur or agree with Senate amendments, the bill was sent directly to […]

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Rewind, record and replay; it’s all priceless to hang onto for awhile

The pop of spring weeds and short sleeves make all those snowflakes seem like a distant memory even though we’ll never forget upwards of 10 inches, depending on what part of the county you live. The older we get, building snowmen with the kids and seeing all those snowball fights will stick with us, but […]

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