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What we trade for the people who we become

With the excitement of the Railroad Festival, it’s really easy for me to lose myself in that weekend. Aside from being the one true week of the year time flashes back nearly 20 years by way of a theme of old movies, CDs and a more nostalgic mindset, for some reason, it dawned on me […]

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Gardening woes sometimes just how our garden grows

Last year’s participation in the Amory Community Garden was so fulfilling that I was sure this year would be absolutely epic but, so far, there have been some problems. It started months ago when the Whole Seed Company catalog came to the office. It is the most beautiful catalog I’ve ever seen, filled with exotic […]

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Moon Pie ministry a taste of a sweet way to treat others

There are people around you that leave a lasting impression in a little bit of time. Their little acts of kindness and caring about a total stranger are big enough for you to share not only a common smile, but a good story with others. A lot of people have stories of their own to […]

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It’s our Monroe County too

Back in grade school, we were taught the wrongs of name calling but still introduced to a term to cut down and label those doing a certain wrong. Like a lot of lessons from elementary school, things are easily forgotten as we age and then eventually come back to us to complete the circle. While […]

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A little glance at what makes my blood boil

I have discovered as I age that my list of pet peeves is increasing. I’m not sure if I am losing my patience, which was never a strong point with me anyway, but I had gotten much better, or maybe I’m just getting old and cranky. Probably the latter. says a pet peeve is […]

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This Mega-Church concept seems contradictory to me

I read an article on Fox News’ website the other day about a new trend popping up all over the world. Particular groups of people are setting up designated buildings, with designated times on Sundays to worship together. It sounds a lot like a church to me. However, the people who are organizing these gatherings […]

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Legislative Report: Feb. 19, 2014

Two big deadlines faced your House this week as we made our way through the calendar. Thursday, Feb. 13, was the deadline for original floor action on general bills and constitutional amendments. If a bill was reported out of a committee but was not addressed before this deadline, it died. Friday, Feb. 14, was the […]

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The only missing jigsaw of this heart-shaped puzzle

As much as Feb. 14 dreadfully blots the calendar year for singles, it’s become my therapeutic tradition to write an anti-Valentine’s Day column to counter it. In the last couple of years, I’ve tried my best to explain the horrors of the nightlife and the splendors of being single. This year won’t be much different […]

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Legislative Update: Feb. 5, 2014

This week is known as deadline week. We were faced with a full week of committee work in anticipation of the approaching Feb. 4 deadline for reporting general bills originating in the House out of committee. The House Corrections Committee passed several bills out of committee this week. House Bill 63 prohibits persons convicted of […]

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