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Documenting your family’s medical history benefits current and future generations

Mrs. Bender stared at her doctor’s framed medical diploma while trying to recall her parents’ health issues. “Well, that’s all in the past,” she stammered. Not one to seek medical help over the years and now age 81, Mrs. Bender struggled to piece together her own medical history, let alone her parents’. “I think my […]

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The freedom to speak and the freedom to speak freely

As a supporter of the First Amendment, I’m all for freedom of speech. As a newspaper editor, I’m all for hearing people’s complaints about the Monroe Journal to strive to make what we do better. As a newspaper reporter, I’m all about hearing citizens’ concerns about their city – to a degree. Given I aim […]

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Slow down and think before leaving children unattended in cars

The recent death of 22-month-old Cooper Harris of Georgia has the media, social media, parents and bystanders all abuzz about leaving children in a hot vehicle. This is not something that is new to the world. Children have been left in hot vehicles numerous times throughout the years. Last year, there were 44 children who […]

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The three most important words in our vocabularies

There’s an “I” that speaks about our selfish sides. There’s a “you” that proves that “I” isn’t nearly enough to get us through a day. There playing the middle man is a “love” being the glue holding the two of them together. There’s a dictionary full of words that complete sentences detailing excuses that get […]

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Delaying Social Security could increase lifetime income for Monroe County residents

Roberto Gallardo/For the Monroe Journal Monroe County residents who are nearing retirement age can increase their lifetime income if they can wait a bit to start drawing Social Security benefits. In Monroe County 4,834 residents – or 13.3 percent of the population – are aged 55 to 64. Those are the years when folks start […]

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How to put what’s in the water on the map

Just the word ‘grassroots’ to me speaks of a creative way of making something happen. Recently, I’ve heard it apply to a statewide petition campaign looking for a way to push the legislature for more education funding. Even more recently, I’ve heard the term apply to a small group of creative locals looking for ways […]

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My Spurs, with all their class, are NBA champs

I’m not a sports writer, but I guess this could be considered a sports column. As I write this column, I am certainly celebrating that my San Antonio Spurs won the NBA Championship this evening (Sunday). My interest in the Spurs goes back to 1996 when my son, Wesley, got interested in the Spurs and […]

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‘Show up to move up’ a universal concept to ponder

Throughout the past semester, a cross section of parents, pastors and citizens aiming for change of the Aberdeen School District have engaged in monthly meetings to analyze prospective opportunities to project the school system’s performance back to its prime. The list of projects group members aim to achieve include clergy involvement, renewed partnerships with local […]

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Talking a good game can get you far, but actions get you further

Because of its infotainment purposes, I hope I wasn’t the only one around here who got sucked into six hours of the History Channel’s miniseries, ‘The World’s Wars,’ a couple of weeks ago. It was not only a refresher of World Wars I and II, but also an education on more detailed facts of the […]

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