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It’s not as bad as you think; it’s just a little misunderstood

A few years ago a former co-worker at the hospital said she happened to notice my picture on one of these columns when she was lining her dog pen with newspapers. She checked it out and said she really liked it. I asked her which one it was and she said it was the one […]

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Living a life off the grid and into the wild

Whether it’s reflecting on pre-drivers license days or daydreaming to the hopes of retirement years, a maze of trails, open fields and the splendors of nature can’t escape my thoughts. At some point or another, everybody can appreciate the sounds of the first drips of water from a paddle hitting a creek’s surface in the […]

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An update on Dierk, the Demon dog

I have been asked by several people to write and tell about how our new puppy (can a puppy weigh more than 65 lbs.) is doing. As you recall, we named him Dierk. I call him Dierk the Demon. Does that tell you anything? He was a year old on Sept. 19. I have heard […]

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Referendum results seem to be as clear as mud

I spent much of last week researching an article that remains incomplete. As everyone knows, the alcohol referendum on Oct. 14 did not pass. As many of you know, there were approximately 205 more people who voted on the sale liquor than on the sale of beer and light wine category. As some of you […]

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It’s always going to be here no matter how long after they’re gone

They were a couple of award winners who won over the community long before they smiled for the camera with plaques in their hands. Just in March of last year, Fred Robinson was honored with the Monroe County Chamber of Commerce’s Community Focus Award. Just a few months ago, Lawson Grimes was honored with a […]

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Main Street Moment: The holidays are upon us

By Carol Knight • Amory Main Street Director As we all know, places do not revitalize themselves. It is people working hard who help downtown areas fully maximize their potential and become communities of choice for residents and tourists alike. Amory Main Street cannot exist without strong community support and volunteers. I don’t consider any […]

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Wishing for a movie script ending before theater rolls its final credits

Some childhood memories are simply glorious. I remember my brother and I getting dropped off at what was, at that time, the Amory Twin Cinema to watch “Back to the Future.” It was awesome, but nothing compared to when we went to Amory Twin to see “Little Shop of Horrors.” The crowded theater was filled […]

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Well. Now that that’s over and done with…..

Throughout the entire alcohol issue in Amory, I would casually let people know I didn’t have a dog in that fight when the conversation pointed at that. I could see positives from both sides of the fence and wasn’t afraid to say that alcohol being an economic savior for the town and a complete demoralizer […]

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One of Mississippi’s greatest stories to ever be retold for years

Those big plays in the high school games are held onto as long as grudges in the small towns that host them. They’re the egotistical victories and snarky resentments that fill and eat at our cores for years in the small little worlds we live in day-to-day and year-to-year. In-state rivalries never fizzle out either, […]

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